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  •  Please ask Jeanie for 'Catch & Release' reports that did not have pictures (which may not appear on this page)... she will gladly update you on their results. 
  •   Compare your lake experiences at Wateree, Santee or Murray to the Powderkegg Experience.  Now, how many fish did you actually catch at the lakes?  How long were out there?  Did you use a boat (and all the expenses involved.... gas, travel trailer, locating unloading dock, etc.)?  Jeanie has gone many times to those locations and lots of those experiences were disappointing because she didn't catch a single fish!  Yet, she enjoys catching fish every time she fishes at PowderKegg!  
  •   Spring is the busiest time of our Fishing.  Often Jeanie's other activities delay her in adding information on this page.  Please check back regularly for the updates.  AND, when calling to make your fishing appointment, ask her to let you know which ponds are pulling what, on what lures and she will gladly pull that information off her fish management sheets.   She works very hard to give notice to the patrons of PowderKegg Wildlife Preserve, and understands that there are Super Stars fishing at the Kegg!​  
  • Even the Best Fishers can Capture some great ideas from Successful Fishers at  the  'Kegg.  Look at our "Beginner Tips" page.


April 20, 2018

Arriving at 4:30 PM and Fishing 'Catch & Keep' for 3 hours, Dominic Stevenson of Columbia, SC caught 12 Bass out of Pond 3 using his favorite bait.... Watermelon Seed Trick Worm!  He uses 20 lb & 25 lb braided fishing line on his poles.  He says that they don't break!  Dominic gets consistent results!

April 6, 2018

Wesley Reichardt of Goose Creek, SC brought new fisherman Ryan Atkinson of Moncks Corner, SC to fish 'Catch & Release' from 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM.  Using the Pink Trick worm baits, they caught 30 bass, mainly out of Pond 3 and some out of Pond 1. Here is Wesley with one of his 'Catch & Release' Bass caught!  Great Job! [Note:  The weather report (cold, windy rain with Lightning) from the NOAA website failed the 11 person group that was planning to fish for most of this day.  Based on the report, 9 decided not to come.  Yet the weather was GREAT!  One has to be careful NOT to believe everything the weather sites display!]

March 31, 2018

Taking advantage of the Last day of Customer Appreciation Discounts, Dominic Stevenson fished "Catch & Keep" from 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM.  Using the Watermelon lime green trick worm bait and the Watermelon yello trick worm bait, he caught most of his bass out of Pond 3.  (He mentioned that his New Expensive lures were NOT producing results!  He Returned to using his Trick Worms!!)

March 28, 2018

Arriving at 3:30 PM, Dominic Stevenson of Columbia, SC caught these beauties out of Pond 1 using his watermelon lime green trick worm bait.  He said that the fish are spawning and not interested in his lures as much.

March 22, 2018

More of March 22, 2018

Hunter Denny of Hartsville, SC brought his sons Avery (age 9) & Harrison (age 8) to meet with Hunter's fellow fisherman Ray Kissiah of Columbia, SC who brought his son Harper (age 9) & daughter Olivia (age 7) for all to fish 'Catch & Keep' from 2:40 PM to 6:40 PM using the Customer Appreciation Coupon.  Using Swim Baits, they caught these beauties out of Pond 3.  In the  picture above, from left to right front row is Harper, Harrison & Avery; second row is Ray, Olivia & Hunter (in that order, left to right).  Fun was had by all. 

March 16, 2018

Dominic Stevenson of Columbia, SC is taking advantage of Daylight Savings Time and his Customer Appreciation Coupons.  He arrived at 3:30 PM to fish 'Catch & Keep' for 4 hours.  He is trying out some new lures but is not ready to express how well they are doing.  His best results came from Pond 1 using lime -green watermelon lures. He said that they are spawning all over Pond 1. He caught one bass out of Pond 3,  Always fun fishing at PowderKegg!

March 10, 2018

Dominic Stevenson of Columbia, SC returned to take advantage of the Customer Appreciation coupon.  He fished 'Catch & Keep' from 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM.  Using the Watermelon Seed, Pink & Yellow. lures, he caught his Bass out of Pond 1 & Pond 3.  He says that the fish are Spawning and not interested as much in the lures!!

March 4, 2018

More of March 4, 2018

more of March 4, 2018

more of March 4, 2018

 Chris Thomas & brother Gary of Cassatt, SC brought friends Troy Hornsby of Interlachen, FL and Shawn Cody of Middleburg, FL to fish 'Catch & Keep'.  Using rubber worms, Fluke, Spinner bait. watermelon seed worm & Repella lures, they caught 8 Bass out of Pond 3, 3 Bass out of Pond 1 and 5 Bass out of Pond 2.  They caught a female with eggs and released her back into the pond.  Pond 3 was their Best Fishing area.  Largest fish was about 4 lbs. 

March 2, 2018

Dominic Stevenson of Columbia, SC arrived at 2:30 PM to fish Catch & Keep. Using Trick Bait, lime green & orange, he caught these beauties out of Pond 3 on the walkabout pier.

February 23, 2018

more of February 23, 2018

more of February 23, 2018

 Dominic Stevenson of Columbia, SC, returned to fish using the 'Customer Appreciation Coupon' Special.  Using Green & Yellow Worm lures, he caught these beauties out of Pond 1 along the Wakabout and behind the Ice Machine house.   Great Fishing!!! 

February 20, 2018

Starting at 11:10 AM, new fisherman, Chris Heinning of Sumter, SC, navigated the Ponds at PowderKegg & fished 'Catch & Release' for 3 hours.  Using the Senko & Trick worm lures, he caught bass in the Sportsman's areas of Pond 2 & 3 and the walkabout at Pond 3.  Look at one of his fine bass caught!