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  •  Please ask Jeanie for 'Catch & Release' reports that did not have pictures (which may not appear on this page)... she will gladly update you on their results. 
  •   Compare your lake experiences at Wateree, Santee or Murray to the Powderkegg Experience.  Now, how many fish did you actually catch at the lakes?  How long were out there?  Did you use a boat (and all the expenses involved.... gas, travel trailer, locating unloading dock, etc.)?  Jeanie has gone many times to those locations and lots of those experiences were disappointing because she didn't catch a single fish!  Yet, she enjoys catching fish every time she fishes at PowderKegg!  
  •   Spring is the busiest time of our Fishing.  Often Jeanie's other activities delay her in adding information on this page.  Please check back regularly for the updates.  AND, when calling to make your fishing appointment, ask her to let you know which ponds are pulling what, on what lures and she will gladly pull that information off her fish management sheets.   She works very hard to give notice to the patrons of PowderKegg Wildlife Preserve, and understands that there are Super Stars fishing at the Kegg!​  


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