Tips for Beginner Fishers

 To Help Our Beginner Fishers to catch more Fish, we have consulted with our Most Successful Fishers to get their ideas about what 'lures' to use in what ponds AND other  conditions to improve a Beginner's fishing experience.  Therefore, this page will be updated from time to time to offer Beginner Fishers an added future opportunity to Catch More Fish!!!  Check back often!   (P.S.  Even more advanced Fishers may benefit from this page!  ☺) 

Tip 1.

Fish love the Rain & wind.  Because Fish do not have eyelids, Sunshine hurts their eyes.  Therefore, when it is Sunny, fish tend to congregate under lily pads or other plant life in the ponds where they are shaded from the Sun.  Also, Bass love the wind because it blows their prey toward the banks & its plant life and allows the Bass to catch their meals more easily.   Most Beginner Fishers want to come out when the day is full of Sunshine.  That is good for people enjoying the outdoors.  However, if you would like to catch Fish, it would be wise to choose a Cloudy Day or even Rainy Day to come Fish... no Thunderstorms, please!  If Beginner Fishers would like to catch Big Bass, it would be wise to use a Weedless Lure and Come when the wind is blowing the small fish toward a section where the bass can catch them And throw your lures there.​

Tip 2.

The Sun weakens the fishing line on your fishing rods  So, Dominic Stevenson of Columbia, SC recommends that you change out your fishing line every 2 to 3 months.  Also, he advises that you store your fishing rods in an area away from any sunlight.  Otherwise, you may experience a LOT of broken lines when fishing out here at the 'Kegg!  The fish are BIG!

Tip 3.​

 Lures that work.    Every Pond has a personality.  Here are Lures that have worked at Powderkegg​ (BELOW)


White Spinner Bait

This White Spinner Bait has been used successfully in Ponds 2 & 3 to catch Bigger Bass.  It works best on Cloudy Days with some Wind and works well in Weeds 

Green Pumpkin lure

 This Green Pumpkin lure has the hook set in the soft worm so as to work in weeds without getting caught.  Bass love this soft worm. 

Zoom Chartreuse Pumpkin U-tail lure

This Zoom Chartreuse Pumpkin U-tail lure is catching a LOT of bass! 

Watermelon Red Flake worm lure

Watermelon Bluegill worm lure

Tequila Sunrise worm lure

Bronze Eye Popper lure

Here shows the two sides of the Bronze Eye Popper lure.  This is a top water frog lure.

Slug-Go lure

 This Slug-Go lure is getting great results 

Tip 3

Spotlight on the Senko Worm lure... check out this website:

Tip 4​​

This lure was a favorite of one of our fishers this spring. 

Tip 5


Here are two videos for making the palomar fishing knot.  Check these out:  and


Above are from left to right clockwise,  the Whopper Plopper, Pearl White Fluke bait, Tequila Sunrise lure, Aglia Mepps lure and Zoom worm.  

Try them out & give us your results!

A lot of the fishers lately are saying that they get results with the Weedless Frog lure.  

I will post a picture, as soon as I get one.