The Importance of Fish Management

Donations Welcomed


Since most fishers do not own a fishing pond, they would not know the costs involved in managing one.  The costs are higher for Existing Ponds than for establishing a New Pond.  By offering this information, we are hoping that our customers will appreciate our instructions not to take out certain fish until we feel that it is appropriate to fish them again.

According to Southland Fisheries (who distributes fish to Cassatt, South Carolina for a one time fee of $100), Existing ponds need to restock with Larger Bream because the bass would consume the smaller bream.  They recommend 3" to 5" size.  Also, they recommend 250 to 500 bream per acre.  This would be the Blue Gil bream and the Shellcracker bream.   Red Breast bream are not offered in the larger size.  Southland is charging $80 per 100 bream of this size at this time.  Restocking occurs from October thru April.

PowderKegg has about 50 acres of fishing ponds.  

Based on the recommendations of Southland Fisheries, it would cost us a minimum of $10,000.00 to restock our ponds with bream.  Since we are retired, we would need DONATIONS to accomplish this.  

At this time, we are asking that Bream be returned to the ponds until time that we allow removal again.

Also, if you feel that you can contribute to the Restocking Ponds Project, we accept donations at 

Powderkegg Wildlife Preserve, LLC

1390 Oakland School Rd.

Cassatt, SC 29032

Please indicate on your check that the donation is for 'Restocking Ponds Project'.

Thank you.​