Print this Application, complete it and bring it with you to your Fishing Appointment. 

( Note:  For a fee of $10.00, we can provide a blank application form.  This fee covers printer, ink, paper & time. 

 Let us know when you call to make your fishing appointment.)


Fishing Application (pdf)


 Definition of ‘Appointment’: an arrangement to be at a place at a certain time.

Due to the various duties required to operate this large Preserve, we have to require that You honor Your chosen Starting Time, which You set when arranging Your Fishing Appointment. 

Your Fishing Time & Charges will be based on that. 

If you are running late, please call us ASAP. 

We will always be waiting for You at the Agreed Upon Starting Time.



PowderKegg Wildlife Preserve, LLC

1390 Oakland School Road,  Cassatt, South Carolina  29032

(803) 432-1386 fax (803) 432-1386 (call 1st)

 “Fishing Application"

between Outfitter-Powderkegg &  each Fishing Guest

(Note:  Each Guest must complete a separate application.  

This application applies to All Future Fishing for the Guest.)

Date of Application________________ 

           Type of Fishing (circle one):     ‘Catch & Release’          ‘Catch & Keep’ 

Dates requested for your fishing_____/_____/_____   

Hours of Fishing________   Start Time:__________ End Time:________   

( “√”,  if applies) 1st Timer Special?___   ‘Bring a Guest’ Special?_____                                    

Dates requested for your fishing trip:_______/_______/_______to_______/_______/_______ 

Overnight Special Package__________________________ # of Adult Guests: _____________        

# of Guests Under Age 12 ________ (Name_____________________________) 

Name First______________________________Middle________________Last____________________________Address:____________________________________City_____________________State___________Zip_______
Phone#'s: Home______________________Work_________________________Cell__________________________________ 


Date of Birth________/_______/_______

Drivers License #:______________________________State__________________ 

Method of Payment (circle one):     Cash      Check       Money Order      {Make payable to PowderKegg Wildlife Preserve, LLC]

For the costs of fishing, see the Rates & Specials page at 

PowderKegg (outfitter) accepts only a limited number of guests on its ‘fishing special packages’ on a first come, first serve basis.  Therefore, it is important that openings during the fish season are filled and do not go unused due to cancellations.  For this reason, the deposit for fishing special packages is nonrefundable if the guest cancels the fishing special package.  If for some reason the Outfitter cancels the fishing special package, the deposit will be refunded.-  The Outfitter reserves the right to use any photographs, video footage, fishing stories and names for marketing purposes, business enhancing opportunities, and/or profitable strategies for Powderkegg Wildlife Preserve.  Successful guests are required to deliver to the outfitter copies of photos of film footage taken of their trophy fish.-  The Outfitter uses its best efforts to provide the guest with a safe and enjoyable fishing.  However, it is the responsibility of the guest to exercise care and judgment required to deal with the dangers and risk inherent in the sport of fishing.  Therefore, the guest releases and forever discharges, and for his/her heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives, successors, and assigns to hereby release and forever discharge the Outfitter (PowderKegg Wildlife Preserve) and his or her, their and its successors and assigns, heirs and executors, administrators, personal representatives, and all other persons, firms and businesses, of any claims, demands, rights, and causes of actions of whatsoever kind and nature, arising from, and by reason of any of all known and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen bodily and personal injuries, damage to property, and the consequences thereof, resulting, and the result, from the guest's fishing on the dates written in this contract.  Additionally, the guests agree to defend any or all individuals in civil court against injury, property or punitive damage caused by the guest while fishing with the Outfitter.  If I, the guest, sue any and all individuals in civil court and win a settlement, I, the guest, relinquish all rights to receive that settlement from any of the aforementioned individuals.-  I, the guest, accept full responsibility for any injury I, the guest, may incur while fishing with PowderKegg Wildlife Preserve (Outfitter).  I, the guest, will follow the rules and will take all safety precautions around all ponds and will supervise any guests accompanying me while fishing.    I, the guest, will provide all my fishing equipment (rods, reels, tackle, buckets, bait, coolers, etc.) and accept full responsibility for them.The requirements for enjoying the sports of PowderKegg Wildlife Preserve have been developed with careful consideration for the convenience of the guest and for the maintenance and protection of the Preserve's grounds and Lodge.  We ask your cooperation in helping us maintain the Preserve.

 I, the guest (Fisherman) have read the above contract and agree to abide by statements in the waiver, to abide by the rules and understand that my fishing times start and end at the Lodge.  I agree to pay all fishing fees before I start fishing by going first to Lodge to check in. I agree to meet back at the Lodge when I finish fishing to check out and to give my fishing report to Outfitter.  I also agree to pay all fishing fees incurred beyond original set times before departing from the Wildlife Preserve property. 

Fisherman Printed Name____________________________________________________________________

Fisherman   Signature Name_________________________________________________________________ Date_____/_____/________ 

Please Note: We are a privately owned wildlife preserve which is not designed to compete with existing public fishing.  Often our 'own personal time' is sacrificed to allow you the time to experience what our Preserve has to offer.  We would like to know that you too appreciate the privilege of fishing at Powderkegg Wildlife Preserve. Thank you.

Call at least a Day Ahead for All Fishing Appointments