2015 Fishing Reports

November 18, 2015

more of November 18, 2015

more of November 18, 2015

more of November 18, 2015

 Jerry Goebel of Atlanta, GA  and Rusty Vaughan of Durham, NC returned to enjoy themselves on the Ponds.  Here is just a sample of what they caught.  They caught approximately 18 bass, but only took 7 bass out of Pond 3.​​  ​Good Eating! 

October 23 , 2015

 Dave Thomas of Cayce, SC, fished 'Catch & Release' from 8 AM to 12:30 PM.  He said that as long as the winds were blowing, he was catching fish on his Green Zoom floating worm lure.  Most of his catch were up to 2 lbs.  He caught 10 bass in Pond 3 and 15 bass in Pond 2 (back side).  He said that when the water is crystal clear, they can see the lures better and will not bite as well.  He recommends fishing on windy days and overcast days.  (No Picture available) 

August 29, 2015

Jerome & Candace Mathis of Lexington, SC, returned with their children Cole, Peyton & MacKenzie.  Mom took the pics & sent them to us, so we made a gallery (below) of their results.  They fished 'Catch & Release' from 5 pm to 8 pm.  Cole got a bream off the Transfer pond dock. Peyton got 4 bass at Pond 1's walk about using Zoom green pumpkin lures.  MacKenzie had so much fun catching 8 bream at Pond 1's pier using live worms.  What a Great Day! 

August 29, 2015

more of August 29, 2015

The Younger Fishers, Derrick McBride & Jordan Campbell, Were the Winning Fishers!  Derrick caught his beauty out of the Transfer Pond using the white weedless Frog.  He said that it broke his rod reeling it in!  Jordan is a Consistent Winner!  Dads, Charleton McBride & John Campbell, brought new timer Sandy Montgomery of Irmo, SC to fish from 7:15 AM to 10:15 AM.  They caught nine bass in Pond 1, five bass in Pond 2 and three bass in Transfer Pond.  They didn't have time to work Pond 3.  Besides the white weedless Frog lure, they were successful with the Zoom White lures and Zoom Chartreuse lures. 

August 23, 2015

more of August 23, 2015

more of August 23, 2015

Matt Phillips of Stanley, NC joined Scott Specker of Cumming, GA who brought his sons Luke & Evan.  Starting at 7:50 AM, they fished 'Catch & Release' for 3 hours and caught these bass in Pond 2.  They also caught 2 bream in Pond 1 using live worms.  Luke Specker caught the biggest bass!  (Thank you for your Pics!) 

August 20, 2015

Rusty Vaughan of Durham, NC joined his friend, Jerry Goebel of Atlanta, Ga, to catch these fine bass and crappie.  They caught the crappie at the covered pier at Pond 3 using artificial minnow lures and the bass came from Pond 2 using spinner bait. 

July 31, 2015

 From Loris, SC, these fishers are Joe Johnson, Steve Green, Harold Jones & Enoch (B Jr.) Murphy.  They fished early morning until 11 am and then picked up again around 7 pm.  They got most of their catch from Pond 2 using the Pumpkin Seed lures.  Their biggest catch was from the Transfer Pond!! 

July 28, 2015

 Jeanie and Andrew go fishing.  Jeanie fished 'Catch & Release' for bream and Andrew fished for Crappie.  Here is one of the large sized Crappie he caught! (Hand for comparison.

June 18, 2015

more of June 18, 2015

more of June 18, 2015

more of June 18, 2015

Rusty Vaughan of Durham, NC and Jerry Goebel of Atlanta, GA returned to enjoy

themselves on the Ponds.  Here is just a sample of what they caught.  Fun, fun, fun!

May 7, 2015

 Larry Gordon of Goose Creek, SC returned and brought Ralph Walters, also of Goose Creek, SC.  Starting at noon, they fished for 8 hours.  They returned the smaller fish and kept these bass. 

May 2, 2015

 Dominic Stevenson & Charlene Robinson returned for the fishing Overnight Special.  They caught these 12 beauties! 

May 2, 2015

more of May 2, 2015

more of May 2, 2015

 Ray Gardner of McBee, SC returned & brought Dalton Gardner of McBee, SC and Chad Parker of Hartsville, SC returned & brought David Newsome,  Bradley Newsome  & Perrry Parker, all from Hartsville, SC.  Starting at 10 am, they fished for 3 hours.  They caught these beauties. The biggest was caught with Frog Lure in Pond 2.  Second largest was caught in Pond 1. 

April 18, 2015

 Trey Cockrell of Chesterfield, SC, brought his two sons to Powderkegg to celebrate son Drew's 7th birthday.  Jac, age 3, enjoyed the day with his birthday brother and his father.  They fished using the Crazy Shad lure from 5:15 pm to dark.  Drew almost caught a 5 lb er!!!  Here they are with their catch! 

April 11, 2015

 Andrew Brunson, Chad Parker & Jacob Rogers returned and brought Ray Gardner of McBee, SC and Clay Parker of Hartsville, SC.  Starting at 11:05 AM, they caught a total of 51 bass.  They caught 20 out of Pond 3, 24 out of Pond 2 and 7 out of Pond 1.  Andrew caught his two big  bass out of Pond 1 using white spinner bait.  He also used the Watermelon Red Flake lure.   Chad caught most of his using the Bronze Eye Popper lure, a top water frog.  He enjoyed fishing the far back corner of Pond 2.   Clay caught 9 bass using the Watermelon Bluegill lure.  Ray used the Culprit Worm to catch 8 bass. 

March 25, 2015

 Dave Thomas of Cayce, SC, fished 'Catch and Release' from 8 AM to 1 PM.  Using White Spinner bait, he caught 45 fish in Pond 2 and 50 fish in Pond 3.  He said to watch where the Wind blows and that is where they are biting.  He caught these two bass in Pond 2.  The first one was 9 lbs 4 oz and the second was 7 lbs 7 oz.  The Crappie was a fine catch too! 

March 21, 2015

more of March 21, 2015

 Starting at 11:15, Chad Parker of Hartsville, SC caught this Bass in Pond 2's backside using a Weedless Frog lure.   It weighs  9 lbs 4 oz.  Although he caught more, he only removed 2 more bass from the Ponds.  His friends, B.J. Bariaska of McBee, SC, Andrew Brunson of Hartsville, SC, Jabob Rogers of Bethune, SC and Michael Larson of Effingham, SC fished 'Catch & Release' fishing and caught from 5 to 10 fish each using Sinko Worm lures.  They caught many at the little Pier on Pond 3.  They said that the Fish were Starting to Bed! 

March 16, 2015

more of March 16, 2015

 Starting at 1 PM, Rusty Vaughan of Durham, NC and Jerry Goebel of Atlanta, GA, started catching these 25 Bass at Pond 3 on the walk-about pier and later on the corner pier at Pond 2.  They used  Tequila Sunrise Worm, Pumpkin Seed worm & Blue plastic worm lures.  A Mess of Fish to eat!!!​​ 

January 31, 2015

 Hunter Marlow and his dad, James, of Elgin, SC fished 'catch & release' starting at 1:30 PM.  Using a Watermelon Candy 7 inch worm, Hunter caught this fine Bass in Pond 3 back near the far right corner near an island.  Great Catch!