Rates & Specials (below)

  • ​​​Calling all 'Experienced' Rockfishers - There are lots of HUGE stripers/rockfish in each pond that need to come out!  Andrew suggests that you use 50 lb test  spiderwire lines!  And bring a net & friend to pull them in!!!
  •  ​We require that you get your picture made with your catch to put on our website. 
  • CREEL LIMITS below
  • Please read RULES below.


 1st Timers Offer:   For 1st Timers of Fishing at PowderKegg,  Buy 2 hours (either type), Get 1 hour FREE!  (mention this 'special' when setting appointment) (see Fishing Rates & Rules below)

 'Bring a Guest' Special:  Bring a paying 1st Time Fisher and you get the same 'Buy 2 hours (either type), Get 1 Hour Free' special that your guest gets.  This applies each time you bring a 1st Time Fisher!  Hurry, while offer lasts!  (see Fishing Rates & Rules below)

New!!! Group 'Bring a Guest' Special:  Bring a paying 1st Time Fisher & have a Group of 10 (ten) or more Fishers,  Everyone gets 'Buy 2 hours (either type), Get 2 Hours FREE!' ​ This applies each time you bring a 1st Time Fisher and there are 10  (ten) or more Fishers in your fishing party.  Hurry, while offer lasts! (see Fishing Rates & Rules below) 

RATES - Two Types of Fishing

Total Creel Limit per day = 30 fish pp (per person)

Crappy Limit

 15 pp 

Bass Limit

 30 pp 

No Bream!


(Please refer to our New “Fish Management” page.)

Notice: We are managing our Ponds at this time and are eliminating the removal of Bream.

All ‘Catch & Keep’ Fishers must return to Ponds ALL Bream caught until further notice.

Thank You.


Definition of ‘Appointment’: an arrangement to be at a place at a certain time.

Due to the various duties required to operate this large Preserve, we have to require that You honor Your chosen Starting Time, which You set when arranging Your Fishing Appointment. 

Your Fishing Time & Charges will be based on that. 

If you are running late, please call us ASAP. 

We will always be waiting for You at the Agreed Upon Starting Time.

  • - Your Fishing Time starts & ends  at Lodge. - All Guests must Check In at the White Picnic Table at the Wildlife Preserve Lodge upon arrival.
  • - If you are choosing "Catch & Keep" fishing, please show us your coolers before heading out to fish.
  • Note:  If you are choosing "Catch & Release" fishing, please do not bring coolers, except for your drinking beverages & food.
  • - All Guests must Check Out at Wildlife Preserve Lodge before departure.  At Departure: "Catch & Keep" Fishers Must Show Us All of Your Coolers for Fish Management Record Notation...       "Catch & Release" Fishers need to Let Us Know where the fish are biting!
  • - All Guests are responsible for bringing their own fishing equipment (i.e. rods, reels, tackle, etc.) (Need Fishing Supplies?  We can recommend Suppliers!)
  • - All Guests are responsible for bringing their own bait.
  • - All Guests with Children must bring Life Jackets for children to wear.
  • - All Guests who choose 'Catch & Keep' fishing must bring their own buckets & coolers  to hold fish.  PowderKegg Wildlife Preserve buckets are used in the maintenance of the site and must stay where they are located.
  • - All Guests who choose 'Catch & Keep' fishing, Ice is available FREE for coolers. Please inquire when departing.
  • - All Rules & Regulations of the SC Department of Natural Resources apply.
  • - Please do not leave your poles & rods unattended. Preventing loss of equipment is guest's responsibility.
  • - When fishing on the Covered Pier at Pond 3, please return chairs to 'covered' section so that wind does not blow them into pond.  Thank you.
  • - Boats not allowed. You will get enough fish just fishing from our piers, bridges & banks!  Boats located at Ponds are used by management only.
  • - Park off roadways.  Leave clearance for other vehicles to pass.
  • - Keep your pets at home. We cannot allow them. They create stress for the wildlife on the Preserve.
  • - Please do not try to kill snakes.  Wildlife Preserve management.
  • - Thunderstorms - No fishing allowed; if storm begins while guests are fishing, they must return to lodge for Fishing Voucher of remaining paid hours to be applied to next fishing appointment.  This does not apply to ‘overnight specials’.- Sun Block, bug spray, camera recommended.
  • -Because this is a Large Preserve, if any Guest notice any problem areas (i.e. broken boards on walk about pier, holds near piers, etc.), we would greatly appreciate being informed so they can be fixed promptly.  Thank you.
  • - All Guests are responsible for Removal of any trash, bottles, fishing line, cans, etc. brought onto the Preserve by Guest. We ask that you help us keep the Wildlife Preserve clean of trash.