Powderkegg Trophy Deer Hunting

 Powderkegg Wildlife Preserve LLC 2018 Whitetail Deer Hunting Season  
  Powderkegg Wildlife Preserve LLC is a privately owned High Fenced hunting and fishing preserve located in Kershaw County, South Carolina Our 10' high chainlink fence encloses aprox. 1,000 acres of prime Whitetail Deer hunting property which includes pine plantations, swamp lands, open fields,  hardwood forest land and fishing lakes. Being high fenced allowes us to allow our natural to SC whitetail deer to reach a mature age before being hunted providing our clients an improved opportunity to harvest a tru trophy deer. This is the first season in 4 consecutive years of no bookings so our herd is plentiful and mature. Hunting at Powderkegg is just as challenging as hunting elsewhere, only with mature deer.  Our bookings for hunts are for only one party of hunters at a time, on a first come first served basis. We have a fully furnished Lodge offering hot tub, pool table, cable TV kitchen, two baths and two bedrooms that accommodates up to 12 hunters in a party. Home cooked meals, hunting guides, transportation and two way communications are provided. We have ground blinds, Climbing stands, ladder stands, tower stands and two condo stands strategically placed on fields, food plots, wooded edges, trails and near ponds to provide a dynamically changing hunt from brgining to end. A rifle range is available for sighting in your wepon of choice. Our large, deep ponds are fully stocked for those wanting a change of pace between hunts. Tracking of wounded deer, field dressing and transportation to a local processor is available.  
  GENERAL RULES:  Alcoholic beverages are not permitted until after the hunt is ended by the Hunt Master.  After shooting at a deer the hunter may not shoot at another deer until the deer is found or declared unrecoverable by the Hunt Master.  All SCDNR rules and regulations apply.  Doe deer and button bucks are charged $500.00 each which does not apply to the standard deposit and costs of buck deer.  Cancellation of hunts and subsequent deposit refunds must be made 30 days prior to first hunt date. There will be no refund after that time.  Gun shots that don't result in the recovery of a deer will be charged a missed fee of $200.00 each.  Licenses and tags must be obtained by each hunter prior to the date of the hunt and be presented to and approved by the Hunt Master upon arrival. The Hunt Leader may request that we obtain licenses and tags for a hunter or hunters in which case the costs of the licenses and tags requested will be an additional charge.  All hunters in your party must hunt at the same times set by your party and approved by the Hunt Master.  We request that your guns and ammunition be stored in your secured vehicle when hunting is not in progress.  No member of your party may leave the property without permission of the Hunt Master.  All Rifle range use will be supervised by the Hunt Master.  A full and complete hunting application and waiver must be approved, signed by you and presented to the Hunt Master upon arrival or be included with your application.  Home cooked meals will be prepared and served at the times agreed upon by your party and must coincide with the times of the hunts.  Accommodations if at all possible will be provided for members of your party for such things as physical limitations, dietary restrictions, speech and language impairments, allergies etc.  At Powderkegg, we do not discriminate according to race, national origin, gender, handicaps, etc.  All payment will be made by check or cash. No credit card payment will be accepted.  Gratuities are not required.  The costs of the processing of the deer is not included and will be contracted between the hunter and the processor.   
  CHARGES:  Each hunter regardless of age, will be charged a $1,000.00 Non refundable deposit for each overnight hunt booked. The deposit will be credited to the cost of the deer harvested. There will be No bookings for Non overnight hunts. Veterans disabled in action will be charged a $500.00 Non refundable deposit for each overnight hunt booked. The deposit will be credited to the cost of the deer harvested and these veterans may take a doe deer or button buck at no additional charge.  
  Non hunting guests will be charged a $500.00 non refundable deposit for each overnight hunt booked. Non hunting guessts may fish at no additional charge.  
  A hunter may shoot any buck deer of his choosing which will be scored by the Boone and Crockett NON Typical scoring scale and will be charged $22.00 times the NON Typical score. Doe deer and button bucks are charged $500.00 each which does NOT apply to the standard deposit and costs of buck deer.  All charges must be satisfactorily paid before hunters depart after the hunt is over,  
  Everyone in the hunt party is responsible for bring clothing appropriate to the weather forecasts