Tropuy Deer Hunting Application

  Powderkegg Wildlife Preserve LLC 2018 Whitetail Deer Hunting Application  
  Hunter's Name: ________________________________________  
  Hunter's Address: ______________________________________  ______________________________________  ______________________________________  
  Hunter's Phone Numbers: ________________________________  ________________________________  ________________________________  
  Hunter's E-Mail: _______________________________________  
  Hunter's Date of Birth: __________________________________  
  Hunter's Driver License Number: _________________________  
  Hunt Leader's Name: ___________________________________  
  Number in Hunter's Party________________________________  
  Dates of Hunt Requested: ________________________________  
  Deposit Amount Enclosed: _______________________________  (Make Payment To; Powderkegg Wildlife Preserve LLC)  
  The Hunter, ________________ and the Outfitter, Powderkegg Wildlife Preserve LLC, hereby agree as follows:  
  All rules and regulations of the DNR for the state of South Carolina apply.  The Outfitter reserves the right to use any photos, video or film footage, hunting and other stories, the names of the hunters and other information gathered for or during the hunt, for marketing purposes, business enhancing opportunities, and/or profitable strategies. Successful Hunters  may be required to deliver to the Outfitter any photos and/or film footage taken during the dates of the hunt.   
  It is further agreed as follows:  The Outfitter uses its best efforts to provide its guests with a safe and enjoyable hunt and/or fishing trip, however,it is the responsibility of the guests to exercise care and judgment required to deal with the inherent dangers in the sport of hunting and fishing.  Therefore the guest releases and forever discharges, and for his or her heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives, successors and assigns, to hereby release and forever discharge the outfitter (Powderkegg Wildlife Preserve,LLC and it's owners) and his or her heirs and its successors and assigns, heirs and executors, administrators, personal representatives and all other persons, firms or businesses of any claims, demands, rights, and causes of actions of whatsoever kind and nature arising from, and by reason of  any and all known and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen, bodily and personal injuries, damage to property, and the consequences thereof, resulting and as a result from the guests hunt or fishing on the dates written in this contract. Additionally the guests agree to defend any and all individuals in civil court, against injury, property or punitive damage caused by the guests while hunting or fishing with the outfitter. If I the guests sue any and all individuals in civil court and win a settlement, I, the guest relinquish all rights to receive that settlement from any of the aforementioned individuals.     I, the guest accept full responsibility for any injury, I, the guest, may incur while hunting or fishing with Powderkegg Wildlife Preserve (Outfitter). I, the guest, will inspect the safety of any tree stand before ushin it. I, the guest, accept full responsibility for any tree stand, ladder stand, tower stand, ground blind or other stand I use and the height at which it is set.  I, the guest, will take all safety precautions around all ponds and will supervise any guests accompany me while hunting or fishing. I, the guest, will provide all my hunting and fishing equipment and accept full responsibility for them,    I, the guest, have read the above contract and the hunting page and agree to abide by statements in this waver and to pay the balance of the total of this hunting and fishing trip at the end of the trip and before leaving the grounds of the Outfitter.  I, the guest, have read the above contract and agree to abide by the statements in this waver.  
  Guest Printed Name________________________________  
  Guest Signature_________________________________Date_______________  
  Hunt Leader Printed Name  
  Name _______________________________________________________________  
  Hunt Leader Signature  
    Name _________________________________________Date_____/_____/________  
  Note To Hunt Leader: Please, if at all possible to send us all the applications and deposits in one envelope for  clarity and to help avoid mistakes. Return applications to Powderkegg Wildlife Preserve LLC, 1390 Oakland    School Road, Cassatt, South Carolina 29032.    Thank You    

Application Form (pdf)